Screen Time

It’s Friday, so I will try to keep this short and positive. Happy Friday!

I find it really weird how much I think and talk about “screen time” these days. #Confession: before I had a kid, I was one of those holier-than-thou people who used to say “MY CHILD will never watch YouTubeKids!” Fast forward to real life and…my 5 month old has watched Jurassic Park. And he actually watched it, y’all (how everything you do scars your child for life is a rant…er, post for a different day).

I grew up watching TV. I am not exaggerating when I say that Sesame Street taught me how to count in English and Spanish. Granted, we didn’t have cable, but we were home-schooled (#confession) so we were allowed to watch Shining Time Station right before lunch if we finished our school lessons. This was my mom’s clever ploy to keep us out of her hair while she made lunch*. Which I think illustrates how a lot of moms today use screen time – sometimes you need your kid to be focused on something else for a minute so you can: have an adult conversation, eat your own damn lunch, or finish paying bills.

For me the bottom line about screen time is: How can I do what’s best for my children without also making my own life miserable?

Full disclosure: we also watched Aladdin, Bill Nye, and Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego? Our granparents had cable so we watched Nickelodeon and Nick at Night pretty much non-stop when we were there.We also watched every Disney movie ever, and tons of classic movies and other trash that I won’t bother detailing. So our options skewed toward educational, but most of it was just entertainment. My point is – I think by today’s standards, I grew up watching A LOT of TV. And I like to think I turned out ok 🙂





*My dad came home for lunch every day, so lunch was the “big” meal at our house and dinner was something quick/easy like sandwiches or cereal. I didn’t realize this was unusual until I was a teenager.

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