These are my Confessions

Today’s post is about me, disguised as series of #confessions. It’s not really about parenting, but it may help you understand where I’m coming from. I copied the #confessions idea from Just a Little Blush, so I’m linking to her. She’s great! Go read her blog.

#confession – I was home-schooled. That sentence carries a lot of preconceived images with it, even (especially?) for me. I did not wear denim skirts or my pajamas to “school.” Yes, I know how to read. 😉 I had my own desk, which I was expected to be sitting in at 8AM, dressed (including shoes, to my eternal chagrin) and ready to go. The coursework was pretty rigorous, but we also got a fair amount of outside time, especially in the Summers. Because of this, I’m a big proponent of imaginative play and outdoor time. We also read the Bible every day, which I now think of as a huge privilege and apparently an anomaly in evangelical families. Looking back now, my mom did an amazing job of researching and procuring good curricula for us in a time when that wasn’t easy or accessible (she did not have Amazon). In 7th grade I started at private school. It was all downhill from there. I kid, I kid.

#confession – I’m left-handed. It’s very inconvenient. I didn’t learn how to use scissors properly until I was in high school and someone let me borrow a pair of left-handed ones. #mindblown

#confession – I have three brothers. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a tomboy, per se, but at the ripe age of 29 I started becoming interested in fashion. And by that I mean I stopped wearing jeans to work every day.

#confession – I’m also the oldest, so I can be…bossy. Sidenote: the internet got all up in arms recently (can you imagine?) over the use of the word bossy as it was apparently a war on women. I’m super proud of my bossiness – it has allowed me to thrive in some challenging situations so I find the negative reaction to the bossy label pretty silly.

#confession – my husband and I have known each other for seventeen years. We’ve been married for seven years. I can’t really say much else without invading his privacy or sounding super cheesy so I will end with: He’s my best friend. #stillkindacheesy #sorrynotsorry

#confession – this week I price-checked online and ordered my favorite brand of diapers from Wal-Mart dot com and got free delivery to my house. I was super proud of myself. Today I realized I forgot to price check Amazon. They’re selling those same diapers with free 2-day Prime shipping for SIX DOLLARS less than I paid at Wal-Mart dot com. Amazon, y’all.

#confession – I LOVE thrift shopping. It’s basically one of my hobbies. Or it used to be before I had a kid, you know, back when “free time” was a thing. When I was a teenager my mom and I bonded over Goodwill shopping trips so I have an emotional connection to thrift shopping. I’m also obsessed with getting a “deal” – it’s probably a disorder at this point (not really).

#confession – I’m super proud that I am a Texan.

#confession – Ok this one is really a confession: I have this weird belief that if you don’t flush a cockroach down the toilet, he will reanimate. This sounds completely crazy but I swear I’ve seen the same roach that Hubs threw in the trash show up on my kitchen floor the next day!

#confession – I don’t love my dog as much as I did before I had a kid. Please don’t call the ASPCA. My dog still lives indoors on a fancy LLBean dog bed, gets two square meals a day, weekly walks, and tons of love. I refer to him as my “original baby” and my “old man baby.” He’s fine.

Here he is being his usual mopey self –

I think that’s enough confessions for now! Happy Monday!

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